Dave is an exclusive Management and Web Design Company. This means that we only contract with one business from any specific business category per city, state, county and or nationwide.
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* Keyword Analysis:
Let us analyze your keywords to determine how people will get to your website. We’ll take a look at phrases applicable to your industry, what your competition is using, and which words have the most search volume. From a collection of 200-400 relevant keywords, we’ll narrow those to the handful that we use for your website and marketing.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
With a list of focused keywords in hand, optimizing your website is the next step. Utilizing the keywords throughout your website in both copy and code will assist search engines to accurately assess your business scope.

* Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC):
Sometimes optimization alone is not enough. With our marketing techniques, we can augment your organic traffic with paid advertising. The results are an immediate influx of traffic to your website. As a Google AdWords professional, we will manage your business’ Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, Overture, and other PPC campaigns to ensure the best return on investment and the most relevant visitors.

* Backlink Building:
Creating a army of incoming links is no easy task. It requires constant management, people skills,  and persistence.

* Blog Optimization:
Setup or optimize your blog to connect on a personal level with your customers and attract new ones. Blogs are perfect for building and maintaining a captive audience. A must for real estate professionals.

* Custom Solutions:
Dave McCraw .Com is small enough to fight for your business, and competent enough to keep you around. We don’t offer pre-packaged solutions that aren’t applicable to your business model. We’ll work with your company to ensure you get the results you’re after within the budget you need. Call us today for a free consultation.

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