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Small Business Marketing and Large Business Marketing are Different .

If you are like the majority of small business owners your marketing budget is limited. The most effective way to market a small business is to create a well rounded program that combines sales activities with your marketing tactics. Your sales activities will not only decrease your out-of-pocket marketing expense but it also adds the value of interacting with your prospective customers and clients. This interaction will provide you with research that is priceless.

Small businesses typically have a limited marketing budget if any at all. Does that mean you can't run with the big dogs? Absolutely not. It just means you have to think a little more creatively. How about launching your marketing campaign by doing one of the following:

Call your vendors or associates and ask them to participate with you in co-op advertising.

Take some time to send your existing customers' referrals and buying incentives.

Have you thought about introducing yourself to the media? Free publicity has the potential to boost your business. By doing this you position yourself as an expert in your field.

Invite people into your place of business by piggybacking onto an event. Is there a concert coming to town, are you willing to sell those tickets? It could mean free radio publicity. If that is not your cup of tea, how about a walkathon that is taking place in your area, why not be a public outreach and distribute their material?
When you do spend money on marketing, do not forget to create a way to track those marketing efforts. You can do this by coding your ads, using multiple toll-free telephone numbers, and asking prospects where they heard about you. This enables you to notice when a marketing tactic stops working. You can then quickly replace it with a better choice or method

Getting Started with Small Business Marketing .

By being diligent in your marketing and creating an easy strategy such as holding yourself accountable to contact ten customers or potential customers daily five days a week you will see your business grow at an exceptional rate. The great thing is it will not take a large marketing budget to make it happen.

If  you dont have the time, let us do the work for you. By developing a marketing plan suitable for your business, Budget and product.

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Marketing Tips
To successfully market a product or service, you must first position your company in relation to the competition. Know how you want your company, product or service to be perceived by customers. Image is important in the mind of the consumer. Decide whether you want to be known for low bargain prices, unlimited selection, top of the line customer service, or the highest quality of merchandise. Then position your business and marketing strategy accordingly. Don't try to be everything to everybody, pinpoint your customer and target his or her needs. As your business grows, prepare a strategic marketing plan looking at how your product and service will meet the long-term needs of your customers. Focus on specific marketing objectives, how to achieve them and a path of appropriate actions to take.
Here are a few marketing tips to keep in mind when you're considering launching a new campaign.
Most businesses will get 80% of their sales from 20% of their customers. Know exactly who those 20% are and aim your advertising to that segment.
Research is a vital part of your marketing plan. Your effort should produce answers to who your prospects are, and where, why, when, and how they are converted into active buyers.
As your business grows, prepare a strategic marketing plan looking at how your product or service will meet the long-term needs of your customers.
Dramatically increase your odds for a direct mail response by including a self-addressed, stamped or postage paid envelope.

You need to be in the marketplace on a regular, continuing, and ongoing basis. Not necessarily the same amount every week or every month, but on a regular basis. Whatever makes the most sense-not just in and out at your convenience. You are more likely to be remembered when it's time to buy if you are frequently seen. Seen through the articles, at a trade show, through a piece of direct mail, or well-placed advertisements. Even on the radio or TV if its appropriate for your market. Some products are seasonal, so therefore you must have the biggest impact during that season. The range between the best and worst season is rarely more than 20%. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of it. It does mean you need to be in the marketplace on a continuing basis.
A marketing strategy supports your objective
The objective addresses the “big picture”.
A marketing tactic is where the action takes place
By implementing marketing programs that are consistent with your site objective(s) and marketing strategies you improve your chance of business success.

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