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Free Link Building

Free Standard 3 page website with our Basic SEO plan. $100 monthly.
includes domain & Hosting 1 yr contract applys.

When designing a website for you we offer  hands on training for Ecommerce
websites so that you can easily manage your shopping carts for quick updates.
You would have your own Log/In & Password to the Hosting server or you could have the option of having us do the work for you.

Dont be fooled by the companys offering the magical success Ecommerce website with there software, tools, support and hidden fee's.

A Custom Ecommerce website with multiple pages & hosting runs aprox $24.99 a month.It takes dedication and hard work along with the proper marketing to make your website succeed.

A Basic Ecommerce website design cost aprox $500.00 total cost for design.
A Custom Ecommerce website design cost aprox $1,000 total cost for design.
This is a one time fee.You own the website & the domain name.

Then you add your monthly expenses for the operation of your website which can range from $4.99 a month to 49.95 a month for the Hosting of your website.

Then you add your monthly cost for the marketing of your website with Google, MSN, Yahoo Etc.... There are special techniques used to optimize your website for the natural listings section where you dont pay a monthly fee to advertise your website.

If you have any questions at all in any area of website design, Ecommerce or any of the above mentioned area's dont hesitate on calling me.I would be happy to answer any of your questions by phone or in person.

Dave McCraw